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Introducing QuickCode

Find the Best Printing Method for Your Product at No Cost

product coding samples
Above, the old unreadable print. Below, the sample we provided with QuickCode.

At GCB Solutions, we're always looking for new ways to provide high-quality coding and labeling solutions to our clients. We're excited to announce our new service QuickCode, which allows you to test various printing methods on your samples at no cost. Learn more about QuickCode from GCB Solutions president George Bouton below.

Why did you decide to start offering QuickCode? What was the inspiration?

Our customers need to have important information printed on their products. Before they invest thousands of dollars, we can show them exactly what the print will look like and give them options on color, size and location of their print. Sometimes customers who are moving away from labels need to know what the print will look like and also need to get approval of others in the company, including management and marketing. Often, we are printing directly on the side of a corrugated box and adding barcodes which need to be verified. The information we gather will help us provide a comprehensive quote for the equipment needed.

After we provide a product QuickCode we can follow up with a detailed report giving the customer information on cost of one of our systems, cost of print and how we can help install it of for them.

Quite frankly, the print we provide has a quality which is normally way beyond our customers’ expectations. We have several different types of ink and various colors depending on the background or substrate we are printing on. We also love to show them how adding a barcode or a lot code correctly can enhance the look of their product. For GCB Solutions, it’s all about solving product identification issues and helping our customers sell more of their products by making them look good!

How many different printing methods are you able to test with QuickCode?

We test multiple methods: thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, thermal transfer overprint, Trident and PP108 wide format for box coding.

Could you give an example of a successful QuickCode test for a client?

Several of our clients package meats such as bacon or sausage. They were actually using an old style of hand stamp, and the result was messy and the information was not readable. We installed printers directly on their thermoforming equipment, which now print a beautiful thermal inkjet message.

What are some industries that would benefit from QuickCode?

Many industries would benefit, including those producing medical and pharmaceutical products, all food products and even industrial wiring, PVC pipes and lumber. Anything manufactured normally has product information added with one of our codes or labels.


Interested in testing out QuickCode for your product? It's easy to get started. Learn more about QuickCode today.

Not sure what service you need? We're here to help. Contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation to get started.


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