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Medical Packaging

Packaging and labeling are extremely important in the medical industry. A medicine packaging company must consider whether its products are properly labeled, protected, and designed to accommodate the end user. At GCB Solutions, Inc., we specialize in top-quality product coding and labeling systems, including the latest in inkjet technology.

Medical packaging is subject to complex rules and regulations. Check out our blog for articles about some of these regulations.

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Medical Printing

Proper codes, instructions, and other markings are crucial for having compliant medical device packaging. Whether used in healthcare facilities or at home, medical devices must be properly labeled. Brand identity and consumer experience are equally important with items used by practitioners and for personal care. Our equipment ensures items are clearly identifiable and child resistant. In addition, we also ensure the proper carton building, filling, and taping/gluing processes are used.

Industry Benefits

Our medical packaging expertise ensures proper labeling of ingredients, drug facts, and usage details and warnings. The right unit dose packaging improves usability, brand identity, and counterfeit prevention. It also helps meet all regulatory requirements in North America, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards. Packaging must protect a product during shipping as well as from light and moisture. At GCB Solutions, Inc., our custom solutions and installation, training, and repair services ensure your company sees these benefits and more.

Client Projects

In addition to medicine, we work with clients in the food and beverage, manufacturing, and logistics industries. Our expertise lends to high-quality labeling of cartons, plastics, and bottles. Selecting the right container requires an understanding of what best suits your product in its particular industry. Whether it comes in a can or requires dose packaging, our team can find a solution that is ideal for your company.

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