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Logistics Labels

GCB Solutions understands the heartbeat of industries that rely on impeccable distribution.


Whether it’s streamlining parts for automotive giants, ensuring aerospace innovations soar, safeguarding chemical deliveries, or mastering the intricacies of paper conversion and product assembly, we’re at the forefront. 

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RFID Metal Flexible Tags

We excel in providing high-performance logistics labels that are essential for the efficient operation of industries dependent on flawless distribution systems.


Our logistics labels are designed to enhance packaging processes and improve product coding, ensuring that every component—from automotive parts to aerospace innovations—is accurately tracked and managed.


Our expertise in warehouse inventory management, package handling, and contract packaging guarantees precision at every step.

  • Automotive and Aerospace: Our labels support the complex needs of these sectors by ensuring parts are correctly identified and traceable throughout their lifecycle.

  • Chemicals: We provide labels that resist harsh environments, ensuring chemical products are safely and clearly marked, enhancing safety and compliance.

  • Paper Conversion and Product Assembly: Our logistics labels streamline these processes, making it easier to manage inventory and maintain efficiency during product assembly stages.

  • Contract Packaging: GCB Solutions offers specialized labels that optimize the packaging process, facilitating easier handling and distribution.

  • Distribution Companies: Our in-depth product coding processes make logistics for distribution companies a breeze, saving time, money and energy in all phases of the product journey.

  • Warehouse Inventory Management: Our innovative labeling solutions are pivotal in managing large inventories, enabling quick and accurate location of items in busy warehouses.

  • Package Handling: Enhance the handling process with labels that stand out for easy identification and are durable enough to withstand the rigors of transport and storage.

Why Choose GCB Solutions for Your Logistics Labeling Needs?


  • Durability and Clarity: Our labels are designed to last and remain readable through extreme conditions.

  • Enhanced Tracking and Coding: Improve your product coding and tracking capabilities with labels that integrate seamlessly with digital management systems.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, ensuring maximum efficiency and compliance.


For advanced logistics labeling solutions that drive efficiency and accuracy in packaging and product coding, trust GCB Solutions.

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