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Introducing a compact printhead that functions autonomously and effortlessly integrates into your existing production setups. The Markoprint X1JET is tailored for diverse industries, from food & beverage to pharmaceuticals, and it handles both coated and uncoated materials and wood.

  • User-friendly Experience: Dive right in without the need for training. The Markoprint X1JET ensures a straightforward printing process, guided by a 3-step intuitive mechanism and an LED indicator. Begin your data transfer using a USB drive or interface.

  • Versatile & Adaptable: With the capability to use True Type fonts, the Markoprint X1JET is adept at printing all standard 1D and 2D codes*. Its controller seamlessly integrates with the printing module.

  • System Options: Tailor your experience with varied system versions - Print, Basic, Advanced, and Pro - each equipped to cater to specific operational needs. The fundamental version supports data transfer via a USB drive, while all controllers come with a LAN connection or a standard EIA-232 port. Design your print layouts using the iDesign software. Comprehensive Accessory Collection: Benefit from an extensive array of standard add-ons, from rotary encoders to adjustable mounting solutions. Plus, a broad spectrum of water and solvent-based inks for multiple applications."

Perfect For: Folding Cartons

Sequential folding cartons with QR code_

Printing on Metal & Plastic Corrugates

Our thermal inkjet tech excels in leaving lasting marks on non-porous materials like plastic and metal. We utilize specialized inks to ensure the finest adhesion. Although flat surfaces are ideal, slight curvature within a 5mm range is manageable.

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