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Integra PP108

The Integra PP108 is a game-changing print system designed for large print areas on porous substrates like corrugate. Leveraging the SEIKO print head and a dynamic circulating print system, it achieves a 4.25-inch print height with high-resolution output up to 360 dpi. Swift startup, ink level sensing, and shock resistance enhance performance and reliability.

Integra PP108 printer
  • Print height 4.25-inches

  • Prints horizontally or vertically down with no change to the ink system placement

  • High resolution up to 360 dpi vertical

  • Speeds up to 984 fpm at 180 dpi, or 492 fpm at 360 dpi

  • Ink level sensing for proactive swapping

  • System starts up in less than 1 minute

  • System is shock resistant and not prone to depriminge

Integra PP108 printed example on a corrugated box
Integra PP108 printer in action

The PP108 is utilized for printing large graphics, warning symbols, logos, and text on porous substrates like corrugate. Its versatile capabilities make it suitable for packaging, product labeling, and various applications in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

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