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Achieve Prime Carton Coding: Online & Offline Solutions

thermal inkjet system machine printing onto a folded carton

Achieving the pinnacle in carton coding is now accessible both offline with our carton coding systems and online, harnessing the power of the clean and maintenance-free thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology. For those requiring expansive prints, the Integra PP Razr 34 steps up. This cutting-edge Piezo printer is capable of producing impeccable prints, even on varnished and unvarnished cartons, spanning up to 34mm in height.

Folding Cartons for Food

Dive deep into GCB Solutions' specialization in the food and beverage sector, where we understand the unique demands and nuances of this vibrant industry. Our vast array of customization options ensures that every client's distinct needs are met, making every product presentation as unique as the delicacies they hold. With us, your brand gets more than just a package—it gets a signature statement.

a selection of folded cartons featuring full color printing

Customized Solutions with Offline Carton Feeders

We offer a diverse lineup of offline feeding systems tailored for carton coding and labeling. The model best suited for your needs hinges on several criteria:

  • Carton dimensions

  • Carton variant

  • Preferred technology for information application (be it a labeler, inkjet printer, etc.)

  • Output requirement

  • The diversity in carton sizes intended for coding

folded carton takeout packaging featuring color printing
Jack’s Takeout Folding Carton

Full color printed custom die cut folding carton, 4 color process + gloss lamination on 24Pt SBS board.

Simply Enjoy

Recycled / recyclable vented produce box. Custom

all-over 1-color printing. 

folded carton cereal packaging featuring color printing

Let's choose what fits you best. We'll handle the rest!



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