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Custom packaging Services


From food products and pharmaceuticals to specialty items for construction, automotive, aerospace, and warehouse logistics applications, GCB Solutions has served many types of clients. Our labeling solutions can be tailored to nearly any kind of product; boxes of any shape or size; jars, cartons, glass containers, and more. 

Below are some examples of quality branded labels we have completed, with details on the design and materials used in the process. Feel free to reach out to us to ask about our past work and how we can help with your packaging needs.

Labeling: Clarity & Versatility

For times when a standout barcode contrast is crucial, labels provide the answer. Experience a superior barcode quality due to the distinct white-black color combination. GCB Solutions' labels offer unparalleled flexibility, adhering from varied angles, wrapping around corners, and settling seamlessly on irregular surfaces.

bottle of honey featuring custom printed label
Honey Truck Co Infused Honey

Clear Polypropylene Pressure sensitive label on clear liner, 5 color with gloss lamination.

Leo’s Amazing Spice Blends Wrap

White semi gloss paper abel printed 4 color process + gloss lamination.

spice packaging with custom printed label
gourmet burget sauce bottle with custom printed label
Gourmet Burger

White Polypropylene pressure sensitive label with clear liner, 4 color with soft touch lamination.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Full color printed custom folding carton with gold foil and blind embossing.

Chief’s Soap Clear Wrapper with Sticker

Four color process printed white polypropylene label+ gloss laminate.

chiefs brand soap featuring custom printed label



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