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Integra PP RAZR

Introducing our Integra PP RAZR industrial inkjet printer, revolutionizing printing with its cutting-edge technology. Achieve up to 34mm high prints on diverse surfaces effortlessly. The permanent print head blends speed, precision, and redundancy seamlessly.

  • Seamless Printing Through Cartridge Changes: Enjoy uninterrupted printing during ink cartridge changes with the intermediate tank. Its compact design ensures easy integration into production and logistics lines.

  • Flexible Printing Heights: With a single print head reaching 34mm, expand up to 136mm with four cascaded heads, or go as small as 1.5mm. Two separate nozzle channels, one acting as a backup, maintain flawless print quality even if one nozzle falters.

  • High-Speed, Eco-Friendly Precision Printing: Operating at speeds up to 150m/min (300 dpi), it applies text, codes, and graphics. Quality extends up to 600 dpi, with grayscale options. Unlike typical systems, our printer boasts an eco-friendly, permanent print head, reducing waste.

  • Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications: A great solution for product labeling, packaging, manufacturing codes, variable data printing, barcodes, graphics, and text on various surfaces. Its versatile capabilities, ranging from small character printing to large character heights, make it suitable for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

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