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Box Inserts and When to Use Them

Four Common Types of Box Inserts

box inserts, packaging solutions

Box inserts can be separated into two categories: promotional packaging inserts and box inserts to protect the items you’re shipping. Box inserts are typically not printed on, unlike packaging inserts which are typically used to thank a customer for their purchase or promote products. Box inserts, however, can and should be customized to fit the exact shape and size of the items you’re sending to make sure they are protected in the shipping process. Four of the most common types of box inserts include corrugated inserts, molded pulp, plastic, and foam.

Corrugated Inserts

box inserts, packaging solutions

Corrugated box inserts are a popular choice in the shipping industry, especially if you work in e-commerce. The corrugated material is durable and rigid, which offers a high level of support to the items being packaged. Corrugated box inserts are also the ideal choice if you’re sending more than one item in the same box. Plus, corrugated inserts work well for printing to create a well-branded experience for customers when they open their package. This kind of insert can create a more luxurious unboxing experience.

Molded Pulp and Plastic Inserts

box inserts, packaging solutions

Molded pulp and plastic box inserts are ideal for the food and bakery industries. Both materials are known for their cost-effectiveness, however these types of inserts typically can’t be printed with custom brand logos. Because of the uneven surface texture on molded box inserts, the quality of printing would be much lower. Molded pulp and plastic inserts also tend to be less protective than corrugated inserts, so this is something to consider when choosing what materials to use. If your product needs to travel a long distance, corrugated inserts might be your best option. On the bright side, coatings and varnishes can be added to molded pulp and plastic inserts, which make for a high-end feel at a low price.

Foam Inserts

box inserts, packaging solutions

Foam box inserts are convenient and fully customizable to the size and shape of your product, and they’re a great option if you’re looking to keep shipping costs low. Since they’re so lightweight, they don’t add much to the overall price of sending a package. Foam inserts are highly resistant to scratches and wear, plus they provide a cushion to protect your products in the case of dropping or impact. Foam can also be shaped into foam corners to fit around your product. This is a useful option if custom foam inserts are out of your budget, because they still provide a good amount of protection without the cost of customization.


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