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Food and Beverage Packaging Solutions

food packaging, beverage packaging, packaging solutions

The taste, ingredients, and nutritional value of the food and beverages your brand sells are important to consumers. But, with so many competing products on the

market, how does your brand’s packaging and branding help your products stand out from the competition? The way your food or beverage is packaged is critical to getting your brand recognized on shelves or online.

The Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry

Businesses in the food and beverage industry face some challenges such as product safety, efficiency in shipping, manufacturing flexibility, and branding.

food packaging, beverage packaging, packaging solutions

Making sure the food and beverages you sell are safe to be consumed should be one of your brand’s top priorities. Should the supply chain experience delays, food and beverages can expire if they are not packaged correctly to maintain freshness. Some ways to avoid food spoilage for cold and frozen items include shipping your products in insulated containers, using ice packs, and vacuum sealing the food in plastic bags. If you’re shipping beverages or food that doesn’t need to be kept cold, using a cardboard box lined with bubble wrap is a good idea to make sure the items don’t break in shipping.

Shipping efficiency has been a challenge lately with delays in the supply chain. Because of this, it's important to provide customers with a tracking number they can use to monitor their package’s delivery. This way, your brand is maintaining transparency with the customer. Sending text or email updates is also useful so your customers are always kept in the loop about when their package will arrive.

In order to stay competitive, manufacturing flexibility is essential. Shortening your production line helps make sure your products get where they need to be on time.

food packaging, beverage packaging, packaging solutions

Branding is another tool that helps your product stay competitive. Custom packaging with your brand’s colors, logo, and font makes your product more appealing and recognizable. This could also help improve brand loyalty.

Containers for Packaging Food

When it comes to shipping food, some best practices include using airtight seals, especially for baked goods. Insulating your product in foam containers or bubble mailers is also useful to help keep everything fresh. Tins, corrugated boxes, and plastic liners are also useful depending on the product you’re shipping.


GCB Solutions has the experience and the resources to help you through any shifting trends in packaging or other issues you may be facing. Whether you are just beginning the design process or looking to make that final push to launch, we can help.

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