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The Importance of the Package Tracking Number

How Package Tracking Improves the Customer Experience

package tracking, tracking number, shipping

FedEx created the first system for package tracking in 1979 with the intention of improving customer service and quality control. Since then, package tracking has become an important part of e-commerce. When a customer places an order, they need to know where it is in its journey to them and when they can expect its arrival. Offering your customers with package tracking information is a great way to build trust between the customer and your brand. Package tracking can also benefit your business, because as the sender you are able to keep tabs on the packages that have been sent.

Benefits of Shipment Tracking Software

package tracking, tracking number, shipping

Allowing customers to track their packages benefits everyone involved. As the sender, package tracking tools help you make sure your customers are satisfied, and this can even save them money from returns or refunds. Being able to track a package also ensures on-time delivery. If a customer is paying to ship their items, they will want to know that their money was well-spent and the package will be delivered on time. Shipment tracking technologies help with transparency, as well. Retailers are better able to communicate with the shipping companies to work out any issues that may come up while a package is en route. Shipment tracking also helps with keeping the supply chain running smoothly. Retailers are able to visualize what areas need improvement when they have access to each part of the shipment process.

Additional benefits to shipment tracking include reducing consumer anxiety and taking pressure off customer service. Customers who aren’t able to track their package might consider canceling their order altogether in fear of not receiving it at all. Customer service teams benefit from package tracking because it prevents them from being flooded with phone calls and recording customer complaints.

Best Practices in Package Tracking

If your business decides to start using package tracking, some of the best ways to do this include providing an easily accessible tracking number that customers can use on your website, making tracking easy to follow, and sending customers notifications via text or email to confirm their package’s estimated arrival.

package tracking, tracking number, shipping

Tracking numbers are the most important part of the shipment process, so it should be made visible to the customer immediately upon their purchase. This helps to confirm that their order went through correctly. Customers should be able to use this tracking number on your website to periodically check in on their order’s status, and for extra security, you can send customers text or email notifications to help them track their order. This way, they always have their tracking number on hand in the case of order delays.


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