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All About Packaging Inserts

What Are Packaging Inserts and Why Should You Use Them?

package inserts, branding, custom packaging

Packaging inserts are additional items placed in a package before sending that can help increase brand loyalty and make customers aware of promotions or campaigns your brand is conducting. These inserts typically take the form of a small card or letter to the customer. Some brands also like to include small samples of new products that customers can test to decide if they would like to make another purchase. Packaging inserts can be as branded or as simple as you’d like, and they are a great opportunity to thank your customer for their purchase and make their unboxing experience more memorable.

The Benefits of Packaging Inserts

There are several benefits to using packaging inserts. The first of these is that most packaging inserts are low in cost, and can be very effective in increasing sales and brand loyalty. It also doesn’t cost extra to include a packaging insert because the price of sending the package itself has already been paid. Another benefit to packaging inserts is that they can be targeted to the specific customer who placed an order, which makes opening the package more personal. Including the customer’s name and thanking them for purchasing from your brand is a strong way to encourage the customer to shop with you again. Packaging inserts can act as a way of promoting new products, as well. This helps to influence customers to visit your website again to browse what’s new.

Types of Packaging Inserts

package inserts, branding, custom packaging

One of the most common types of packaging inserts are thank you notes. These are usually one of the least expensive kinds of packaging inserts, and they feel personal to the customer receiving the package. It’s best to express appreciation towards the customer, provide a call to action that will encourage them to place another order, and close with a sincere thank you or signature.

Packaging inserts can also involve sending the customer samples or small gifts in addition to the items they purchased. Examples of this include test-size items, stickers, and other low-cost, branded items that customers can use. This can help to encourage repeat purchases.

A third type of packaging insert is a discount offer card. Many brands send discount offers through email, but sending them in a customer’s package gives them a tangible reminder to order from you again. Popular discounts include free shipping on the customer’s next order or a small discount on their next order. Not only does this serve as a call to action for the customer to shop again, but it also acts as a thank you for their initial purchase.


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