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The Six Elements of Packaging

What Goes Into a Package?

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Packaging goes beyond just a box-it is everything that holds your product, protects your product in delivery, and seals your product safely so it can arrive to customers in one piece. How you package your product depends on a few factors. For example, what you’re sending and how you want the package to appear when it arrives to a customer can influence the amount of elements you need to package your product well. Generally speaking, the six elements of packaging include the outer box, container, filler, stickers and sleeves, tape, and a receipt or insert. Many of these elements can be custom printed to help with brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Outer Box

Many retailers choose to send their products in a corrugated box that provides multiple layers of cardboard to keep the product safe during shipping. If your product isn’t fragile, another alternative to an outer box is a mailer or poly bag. Outer boxes can also be custom printed with your company’s logo or other branding to make the delivery experience more personal to customers.


The next element of packaging is the container, which is what your product lives in during its travel. It’s usually recommended to brand this part of packaging with your company’s logo or colors because it holds the product itself. Packages can sometimes be sent in just a container, as seen here, as long as the product isn’t fragile.


custom packaging, packaging solutions, packing materials

Filler serves a few purposes. In the case of sending fragile products, filler like bubble wrap or air pillows are good options to make sure there are no damages in transit. Filler can also be used for decoration, such as tissue paper, which is relatively inexpensive and can be branded with logos or colors.

Stickers and Sleeves

Stickers and sleeves can be used in packaging to make your product stand out. These improve the customer experience when opening the package and help your branding appear more cohesive.


It might not seem like an important part of packaging, but choosing the right tape can make a difference to your customers. Clear packing tape is often recognized as the standard in packaging because it is strong and helps everything stay closed inside the outer box. However, other options like reinforced paper tape can be custom printed to provide a fun and attractive way to package your product.

Receipts and Inserts

custom packaging, packaging solutions, packing materials

Including a receipt in your package is useful in the case of exchanges or returns, plus it gives the customer a note of the total cost of their order. Inserts are a great option to include with a receipt. These often come in the form of a card or letter that provides the customer with discount codes or a call to action to encourage them to shop again. You can also use inserts as an opportunity to thank the customer for their order.


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