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Tips for Sending Fragile Items

Best Practices in Shipping

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When it comes to shipping items that can break easily, it's important to make sure you do all you can to package the items securely. It can feel disappointing to open a package to find that items like glass, technology, or other delicate items didn’t arrive safely to their destination. One way to avoid damage in transit includes choosing the right sized boxes and packaging materials. This helps to restrict the product’s movement while it’s being sent so that it arrives to the consumer in one piece. Here are a few more tips to help you ship fragile items:

Prevent Weather Damage

While rough handling is often the reason why fragile items break in transit, external factors like rain, puddles, or water leaks can cause damage, too. Especially in the case of shipping technology, you want to make sure that the item is protected from water so it functions properly when it arrives to the consumer. Using plastic bags or shrink wrap can help prevent moisture from damaging the product being sent.

Wrap Items Securely

Packing tape and bags that can zip closed are great to use to make sure your fragile items are securely wrapped. However, wrapping items too tightly can increase the chances of damages occurring, especially in the case of glassware. Wrap your items securely and loosely, making sure the protective materials will not fall off in transit without adding pressure to the items. Seal the box closed using a strong packing tape to make sure the box doesn’t fall open throughout the shipping process.

Choose Strong Wrapping Materials

fragile packaging, packaging materials, packaging solutions

Bubble wrap is a great protective material to use when sending fragile items. If the package is not handled gently, bubble wrap works well to prevent breaking on impact. If you’re sending a uniquely shaped item, or you’re sending your item in a large box, another good choice is packing peanuts. These help to reduce any movement that can contribute to damage.

Invest in Insurance

Investing in shipping insurance might be in your best interest if you’re sending a large amount of fragile items or if the items you’re sending are valuable. No matter how many precautions you take to keep items safe, mistakes can happen in the shipping process once the item is out of your hands. Insuring the items you’re sending can help to prevent loss or damage.


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