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The Plastic Ban and How it Affects the Packaging Industry

U.S. States Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

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Did you know that some U.S. states have imposed a ban on plastic bags? The eco-friendly initiative first began in Canada, where government officials have started rolling out bans on single-use plastics. Not long after, the U.S. began to follow suit, with a specific focus on reducing the amount of single-use plastic bags being discarded. Some states are working on improving their recycling infrastructure, while states like California, New York, and Hawaii are banning the use of plastic bags altogether. Several cities across the U.S. are even creating their own regulations, bans, or fees on plastic bags to discourage people from using them. Some plastic bags may be exempt from any bans in certain states. For example, bags that are made from thicker plastic and could be considered reusable will likely be allowed after bans are in place.

Industries Impacted by the Plastic Ban and Eco-Friendly Packaging

The food, restaurant, ecommerce, and retail industries are all likely to be affected by the ban on single use plastic that many states and municipalities are implementing. Most of these industries will see positive changes; as eco-friendly packaging options are becoming more popular, customers are likely to respond well to reusable or recyclable packaging across industries.

plastic ban, paper straws

The packaging industry will be affected, as well. Consumers are already beginning to demonstrate a preference for eco-friendly options. Opting for recyclable or biodegradable packaging, for instance, will eliminate some of the waste that would be sent to a landfill and contribute to global warming. There are also sustainable plastic options like Post-Consumer Recycled plastic or PCR plastic, which is made from recycled materials like aluminum, cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles. Some more eco-friendly options include paper bags,

cotton bags, bamboo or paper straws, kraft paper bags, and corrugated carriers.

Future Plans to Reduce Plastic Waste

plastic ban, ocean pollution

The U.S. Interior Department has plans to phase out the sale of single-use plastic bags at national parks and other public lands across the country by 2032. Doing so would help manage a huge contributor to plastic pollution. The order will cover 480 million acres of public lands and would help reduce more than 14 million tons of plastic that end up in the ocean yearly.

In the packaging industry, it's best to start thinking about sustainable options, as sustainability has become a deciding factor in purchasing decisions for Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Many big companies like McDonald’s have even started leading the way by making it a goal to use only recycled or renewable materials for their packaging by 2025.


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