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How is Sustainable PCR Packaging Made?

How Your Brand Can Become More Sustainable

Plastic waste has a huge impact on the environment, and consumers are

sustainable packaging, pcr packaging

becoming more aware of this when making purchasing decisions. That’s why many brands are on the search for sustainable packaging options. Not only will this help keep your brand in good standing with consumers, but sustainable packaging is also high-quality and trustworthy to keep your product safe. One of the easiest ways to become eco-friendly is to use Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging, or PCR. PCR is material that can be made from items that consumers recycle, such as aluminum, cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles.

Consumer Recycling Becomes PCR

sustainable packaging, pcr packaging

So, how do the plastics we recycle become reusable in packaging? After consumers recycle their used materials, curbside recycling is picked up and paper is separated from plastic.

Packaging that was made from plastic is sent to material recovery facilities where any misplaced material can be separated.

Once sorted, plastics are washed and labels are removed so the plastic can be reused. The plastic is run through a shredder, then tested for quality to make sure it can be used as PCR packaging. Lastly, the plastic is melted into pellets that can be used to make a variety of plastic products. At this final stage, the recycled plastic can be considered

PCR material.

PCR packaging is not the same as recyclable and compostable packaging because PCR packaging cannot be recycled again after it's already been made. A package is only considered recyclable when the materials it is made out of can go through the recycling process. However, this is beneficial to your brand because it can help you meet your goal of sustainability without worrying about whether or not customers will choose to recycle or compost the packaging.

The Benefits of PCR Packaging

sustainable packaging, pcr packaging

PCR packaging is a great step towards sustainability because it can be used for stand-up pouches, lay flat pouches, and rollstock. PCR is also a high quality material that offers protection from the elements in the shipping process. It can block light, oxygen, and other gasses from reaching your product, and it offers almost all the same benefits as non-recycled plastic packaging. Lastly, PCR is useful because it requires no action from the consumer. You won’t have to worry about reminding consumers to recycle or compost the PCR.


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