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4 Reasons Why Brands Choose Stand-up Pouches

Are Stand Up Pouches Right for Your Product?

Brand packaging can play a big role in the merchandising and visual marketing for your product. There are many options available, but one of the top designs has become the versatile stand-up pouch. Flexible packaging, such as the stand-up pouch, accounts for $164 billion of the packaging marketplace. According to a 2017 Flexible Packaging Association study, 71 percent of consumers prefer flexible packaging over traditionally packaged, rigid packaging. When it comes to brand owners, a survey revealed that 57 percent were able to lower their cost of production, and 49 percent experienced a lower cost of transportation.

Brand appeal is a key player when it comes to moving products of shelves, whether they be digital or in-store. Many consumers gravitate toward flexible packaging, such as stand up pouches, with can increase competitive positioning by as much as 37 percent.

What Brands Use Stand Up Pouches?

Food and beverage items, cleaning products, pet food – the options are endless. Many millennials have fond memories of poking their Capri-Sun juice pouches with tiny yellow straws, a symbol of childhood brand loyalty. Now, the trend has grown with each of them into adulthood, with stand-up pouch-packed wine (complete with mini-straws) and snacks like olives and pickles, cookies and nuts. A picnic with a complete charcuterie and wine pairing can now fully consist of stand-up packages, ready to enjoy, re-seal and recycle!

4 Reasons Why Brands Use Stand Up Pouches

Cost Effective

Printing your design directly onto your packaging is a cost-effective way to make your brand stand out. GCB has the latest printers and expertise to ensure each product label has premium quality, from start to finish. Product weight can additionally be a key factor when it comes to shipping costs. By reducing the weight of the shipment, this can positively affect your bottom line.

Variety of Materials Available

Believe it or not, consumers notice product materials. Environmentally-friendly and recyclable options are important for shoppers that are eco-conscious, and materials you use may depend on the product you are marketing. While multi-layer film ensures freshness, clear film can provide a window to see the quality of the product, and kraft material can offer unique design options, depending on your style.


Whether you are selling wine or laundry detergent, each product may require a unique

aspect to it to help spotlight the goods, keep it fresh or enjoy directly from the package itself. A variety of styles are available to meet both your vision and the product’s needs.


Stand up pouches can be a great option for brands looking to add versatility to their

packaging. Thousands of product-types now benefit from the stand-up pouch, which has risen in popularity in recent years. Clothing, medical, food, beverage, cosmetic – each industry is able to utilize this type of packaging design, making it highly versatile for consumers worldwide.

Interested in learning more about packaging your product? We’re here to help! Contact us or set up a free consultation here. Or, schedule your consultation today by calling (904) 263-2804.


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