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Stand-Up Packaging vs. Traditional Packaging

Which Type of Packaging Should Your Brand Use?

stand up packaging, custom packaging

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your brand, it's important to consider the customer experience, sustainability, and cohesive branding that will help your business stand out. Most businesses opt for traditional packaging which includes boxes, bottles, and plastic containers. However, stand-up packaging (also known as stand-up pouches) has many benefits and can work great to gain attention for your business. From convenience to reduced costs, here’s what you should know about stand-up packaging:

The Benefits of Stand-Up Packaging

Stand-up pouches are becoming a popular form of packaging across multiple industries. Food, pet care, beverage, personal care, and household item manufacturers are choosing stand-up pouches over traditional packaging methods because of their convenience and protective abilities. Most stand-up pouches are easy to tear open and include a zipper closure at the top, ensuring that the products inside will stay fresh.

stand up packaging, stand up pouch, custom packaging

Besides the extended shelf-life stand-up pouches offer, another benefit to stand-up packaging is that it is more durable than the traditional box or plastic container. They can protect against moisture, UV light, bacteria, and other contaminants that could harm your product in the shipping process or on the shelves of stores. Stand up packaging is typically made from thin, puncture resistant laminated film. This allows the pouches to take up less space while also providing environmental benefits, as most stand up pouches are made from recyclable materials.

If you’re looking to reduce packaging costs, stand-up packaging is the way to go. Flexible packaging materials are less expensive than rigid boxes, and their ease of transport can also help reduce shipping costs. Depending on the size of the pouches, five to ten times the number of units can fit in a single truck because less pallets are used. Since stand-up pouches generally weigh less than traditional forms of packaging, it takes less time and labor to transport the products.

Stand Out with Stand-Up Packaging

stand up pouches, custom packaging

Stand-up packaging faces towards the customer on the shelves of stores, making it eye-catching and attractive to customers. This kind of packaging is also great for maintaining cohesive branding. Its large printable surface is ideal for sharing custom logos, colors, and graphics that will help customers recognize your brand and help your business stand out from competitors. The size and shape of stand-up pouches is also an attractive feature because it allows for easy storage in customer’s homes.


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