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Making the Perfect Product Label

custom product labels food stand up pouch
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Bring Your Business to Life with Custom Labeling

When walking through a supermarket, there are many products fighting for your attention on the shelves. What makes every drink, snack, beauty, and meat product catch your eye? Packaging.

As a business, it is your job to encourage shoppers to pick your product over competitors – and having quality labeling is key. In the meat industry, ensuring the product labels are easy to read and long-lasting ensures that buyers have all the important information they need, such as best-by dates and nutritional facts.

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Whether your product comes in a box or a stand up pouch, custom labeling can help encourage customers to bring it to checkout.

The Benefits of Custom Product Labels

Custom product labels are a great way to convey important details for your product. Remember, consumers are buying from brands they trust. 7 out of 10 people will abandon companies they don’t trust or recognize in favor of those they do. With custom product labeling, you can develop an identity for your products that will help your customers remember who you are and what you sell. You will also stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Can you imagine enjoying a delicious burger only to forget what brand of beef you bought?

It is also important that your labels fit your product perfectly. Custom product labels are tailored to your specific needs. They contribute to an overall attractive and professional look that your customers expect. Plus, you can make the most of your packaging with the correct label size. If you’re selling large quantities of meat, you want to ensure your labels are easy for every shopper to read and understand.

With custom labels, your product has a better chance of looking great on shelves, and increases brand awareness. With effective marketing and advertising, you can clearly communicate to potential consumers what makes your product more desirable than competitors.

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Types of Custom Product Labels

Meat, frozen food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are all packaged and stored differently. As such, you want to ensure you have the right packaging and custom labeling to withstand freezers, refrigerated aisles, and room-temperature shelves.

Read on for a few types of labels to consider to keep your product in perfect condition.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labels ensure you get the perfect fit on products. They are made with a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heated. As it heats, it tightens around your product’s container, essentially forming to the exact shape of it. These labels are also durable, so they last longer on shelves and great for displaying graphics.

Reseal Labels

Reseal labels are common for most food products. These allow customers to reseal items in their packaging after opening. Reseal labels are especially useful for keeping various snacks fresh after opening. Reseal labels are often found on deli meats and on different cosmetic and cleaning products, such as baby wipes.

Thermal Labels

Thermal printing is useful when your product is meant to be stored in different temperature conditions. These labels use ribbons to transfer words and graphics directly onto the material of your product’s packaging. The ribbons are made with resin or wax that gets heated in the labeling process.

One example of printing thermal labels is with the use of V300 ribbons. These are resin-based ribbons that can help print necessary information on various food and beverage products. If you’re looking for custom labels on frozen meat products, thermal labels with the right adhesive can withstand wet and freezing conditions.

thermal ribbon reseal ribbons custom packaging
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GCB Makes the Perfect Custom Product Labels

GCB Solutions offers full custom packaging and printing services. Looking to upgrade your labeling or packaging? Call us at (904) 263-2804 or contact us to request a project quote.


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