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Can Packaging Boost Your Social Media Following?

How to Grow Your Following With Packaging

grow social media, custom packaging

Choosing the right packaging materials is important to make customers feel like the products they ordered are high quality. Packaging is also useful to keep your products safe in the delivery process, providing peace of mind for you and your customer that there are no broken or missing items. What’s even better about packaging - specifically custom packaging - is that it can also be a valuable marketing tool when used strategically. If your brand is aiming to gain more social media followers, one of the best ways to promote your social media accounts is through your packaging.

Lead Customers to Your Social Media Accounts

1. Use QR Codes

QR code, social media

A QR code is a machine-readable code that can store URLs. Most smartphones are able to read QR codes, so linking your website or social media handle to the QR code allows for an easy way to direct customers to your accounts. A best practice in including a QR code in your packaging is to print them on a small card to include inside the package. That way, when the customer unboxes their products, they have a tangible copy of the QR code to scan.

2. Print Social Media Icons on Your Packaging

One of the simplest ways to promote your social media accounts is to use custom printing to list your social media icons on the package. Even if you don’t include the URL, letting customers know which social media platforms they can use to find your brand is a great way to encourage them to follow. Note that there are a few rules when using social media logos on your own packaging, but if you stick to these guidelines your package is good to go!

3. Promote Social Media Campaigns

hashtags, custom packaging, social media

If your brand is running any social media campaigns, it’s a good idea to make sure your packaging matches the campaign. Branding the package with the colors your brand is using or promoting the campaign’s hashtags on the package can encourage customers to head to your social media accounts. You can also encourage customers to share your packaging online by offering them a creative hashtag to use.

4. Send Custom Packaging Inserts

Custom packaging inserts can be used to promote your social media accounts. Thanking the customer for their purchase, listing hashtags they can use, and printing your social media handles on the insert are simple ways to direct the customer to your online accounts. This is also an effective way to encourage customers to post about your products.

5. Engage with Influencers

influencer marketing, custom packaging

Sharing your products with an influencer is a good way to attract attention to your social media accounts. Sending them a package will likely lead to them sharing what they received and how they unboxed their items, which will help increase your social media engagement. You can even send them a discount code in their package that they can then share with their followers, which will ultimately help your brand’s following grow.


GCB Solutions has the packaging industry experience to help you through shifting trends. Whether you are beginning the design process or looking to make that final push to launch, we can help.

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