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Popular Types of Boxes

Which Type of Box is Right for You?

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No matter what products you’re sending, the box you choose is important to improve the customer experience and help the product arrive safely to its destination. Boxes should be chosen based on the size of your product, the amount of product you’re sending, and the goals of your brand. Some boxes might be meant to give customers a more luxurious unboxing experience, while others are meant for protection and utility. It’s always a good idea to customize your boxes as well! Printing custom logos or designs on your box can make the experience of receiving a package more memorable for customers.

6 Popular Box Types

Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes are among the most popular and common types of box used, and for good reason. These boxes are protective and easy to open with a tuck flap on both ends of the box. Folding carton boxes are best for small or lightweight items like candles or clothing, and they look great when printed with custom branding.

Rigid Boxes

types of boxes, packaging solutions, rigid box

Rigid boxes are great if you want to make sure your package is extra protected. Since they are made from stronger materials, rigid boxes cannot be collapsed the way a traditional box can. Many brands choose to wrap rigid boxes with something else on the outside to give the package a more branded feel.

Collapsible Boxes

Popular among manufacturers and consumers, collapsible boxes are great because they offer flexibility and can easily be customized with your brand’s colors and logo. These boxes are also easy to fold up and store away for reuse, so you won’t need to feel guilty about wasted materials.

Mailer Boxes

types of boxes, packaging solutions, mailer box

Mailer boxes are similar to folding carton boxes in that they are perfect for sending lightweight items and they can be as branded or as minimal as you choose. Mailers are common among monthly subscription services for this exact reason-they give customers a sense of brand loyalty through consistent packaging.

Full Overlap Boxes

Full overlap boxes are characterized by an outside flap that overlaps the width of the box. This helps to make full overlap boxes durable enough to carry more than just lightweight items, and they also provide an opportunity to show off fun branding on the outside flap.

Corrugated Boxes

types of boxes, packaging solutions, corrugated box

Corrugated boxes are likely your best option if the product you’re sending is heavy. While some heavy items can be sent in a rigid box, corrugated boxes are made from strong material that is not likely to break when transporting heavy items.


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