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Silica Gel Packets and How to Reuse Them

5 Ways to Reuse Silica Gel Packets

silica gel packets, reuse silica gel
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Silica gel packets are used as a drying agent to keep products moisture-free during shipping and even once they reach the shelves of stores. These are often found in shoe boxes or in shipments of clothes because they keep condensation from the environment away from the product, preventing mold from growing. Most people don’t think twice before tossing out the silica gel packets they come across, but they are actually a valuable household tool that can be used in several ways. Not only will this save you money over time, but you’re also helping the environment by reusing silica gel.

1- Keeping Your Electronics Dry

phone water damage, reuse silica gel

No matter how hard we try to keep our electronics a safe distance away from water, mistakes happen. If you’ve ever accidentally submerged your phone, you’ve probably been told to leave it in rice to absorb the moisture. Silica gel is actually known to work better at soaking up moisture. Next time your phone (or any other electronic device) is exposed to too much moisture, leave it in a bag with silica gel beads or packets for 24-48 hours, and it should be dry and ready to turn back on. Silica gel also works well at cleaning condensation from camera lenses and removing moisture from headphones.

2- Protecting Documents From Moisture

Many important documents can be saved online, but birth certificates, tax information, and old photos are usually printed and can be difficult to replace. These kinds of documents can be damaged if exposed to too much humidity and moisture, but silica gel packets can help. Placing a few silica gel packets in your important folders or filing cabinets should do the job of keeping things dry and free of mold. You can also place a few packets between the pages of scrapbooks to keep your photos in good condition.

3- Storing Seasonal Items

silica gel packets, reuse silica gel, seasonal storage

Seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter coats, or even suitcases spend a lot of time in storage. Being packed away for long periods of time makes seasonal items more likely to absorb moisture that can lead to mold growth and a mildew smell. Silica gel packets can help avoid this issue. Place a few silica gel packets in the boxes where you store holiday decorations and in the pockets of clothes that spend a lot of time being unused. Your suitcase will stay fresh and smell clean for your next vacation when you keep a silica gel packet inside between uses.

4- Preventing Jewelry From Tarnishing

Jewelry and other silver materials are likely to tarnish, but storing these items with silica gel packets can help delay the tarnishing of valuable pieces. Storing jewelry in a clean and dry environment with a few silica gel packets will prevent the humidity and moisture that leads to tarnishing.

5- Protecting Metals From Rust

metal rust, silica gel, reuse silica gel

Tools, screws, nails, and fishing equipment are usually stored in areas that cause them to develop rust. Adding a few silica gel packets to your toolbox can help you ensure that your metal items won’t need to be replaced. It's undeniable that fishing equipment will get wet, but drying it off thoroughly after use and storing it with silica gel should prevent it from rusting.


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