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Can Certain Colors Help Boost Sales?

color theory, custom packaging

Color has the ability to impact mood, heart rate, and emotions, so many consumers will lean towards products that come in colors they find appealing. In fact, 66% of shoppers won’t purchase a product unless they can find it in the color they prefer. The same goes for the way a product is marketed. Consumers will associate the colors your brand uses for logos and packaging with the brand itself, so it's important to understand what the colors you use communicate to your audience. Each color has its own emotional triggers, for example, red triggers feelings of excitement, energy, and action. Making sure your brand uses a color that allows customers to link your brand to a positive emotional trigger is essential to increasing sales

How Your Brand’s Colors Can Help Make Sales

color theory, custom packaging


As seen in Coca Cola's branding, Red is a powerful and bright color that should be used as a way of gaining attention. In sales, red triggers action, which is why it is often seen on “sale” signs and “buy now” buttons. Red is most effective when you want to draw attention to a certain aspect of your product or want to instruct your customers to take action, making it a great accent color in branding.


Blue provides a sense of calm that eases anxiety before it can arise during the sales process. This makes it a great color to use if your business deals with medicine or finance. Light blue is known to communicate freedom and security, while dark blue signifies tradition and seriousness. While red can directly call a customer to action, blue helps in sales by boosting sales indirectly. Blue also works great for text because of its high readability.


color theory, custom packaging

Consumers often associate green with natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products. If this is something your brand stands for, green is a strong color to use to help consumers make this association. Green, like red, stands out from other colors, allowing it to work well as an accent color to highlight parts of a product you want customers to notice right away. For an example, Smartbox does a great job of using green throughout their branding.


Purple promotes feelings of creativity and quality. When used with colors like black and white, purple can make elements of your brand stand out without being too bold.

Purple is also a solid choice if you want your brand to come across as having authority or seniority.

color theory, custom packaging


Yellow is a welcoming color that triggers feelings of happiness, friendliness, and confidence. It can also promote youthful energy. If your brand’s personality is youthful and energetic, yellow would be a strong choice in branding.


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