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Why You Should Be Using Handheld Coding

How Handheld Coding Works & How It Can Improve Efficiency for Your Business

Handheld coders are growing in popularity – and for good reason. Affordable, adaptable, and easy to use, these mobile printers can be used in practically any industry and can significantly speed up packaging and labeling operations. Even better, these miniature inkjet printers are as versatile as their larger cousins, meaning they can print directly onto a wide variety of materials, including wood, concrete, paper, plastic, and more. Read on to learn more about how this mobile technology can benefit your business.

How Mobile Coders Work

Worn on the hip, mobile coders are powered by a rechargeable battery and can be used to print on products, pallets, or anything else that might need labeling. All you’ll need for setup is a battery and ink cartridge.

While all printers use similar inkjet technology to produce the image, how you determine what that image is can vary. Some models use Bluetooth software, allowing the user to program the image printed via a computer. Other models allow this to be entered directly on the printer itself; these versions generally include a small screen for typing and previewing the image. Just like full-size printers, images can include barcodes, sell-by dates, stock numbers more.

Once the image has been set, all that’s left is to align the printer with the material and press the trigger. Moving the printer from left to right creates the complete image. See the full process in action below, featuring our mobile marking kit.

Why You Should Use Mobile Printing

Easy to operate and requiring minimal set-up, handheld coders are simple to integrate into your day-to-day operations. Offering a high-quality print, they can produce clearer images – and more scannable barcodes – than alternative printers. Further still, the devices offer extensive versatility and can easily be adapted for special projects or small product runs.

As may be expected, the added mobility of handheld coders can make labeling and coding significantly more efficient. A study from Zebra Technologies found that mobile printing made labeling pallets 42% faster than requiring employees to walk back and forth to obtain labels. The same study found that mobile printing also reduces mistakes as compared to manually labeling or entering data. Ultimately, more effective and efficient coding saves your business time and money – and that’s always worth the investment.


Are you interested in bringing mobile coding to your business? We can help you find the best equipment for your product. Contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free 30-minute consultation to get started.


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