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Why You Should Be Integrating QR Codes Into Your Packaging

How QR Codes Can Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

QR Codes for Product Packaging

With six different types of product codes, it can be difficult to understand the value each individual option can bring to your product and business. If there is one code that can revolutionize your product’s digital marketing, however, it’s QR codes. Unlike UPC or ISBN codes which help distinguish between specific products, QR, or Quick Response codes can connect the user, or scanner, to a website, application, or other digital channel. While other codes are used primarily at point-of-sale, QR codes are used far more variably, for advertising, entertainment ticketing, and more.

Why Should I Use QR Codes on My Packaging?

In today’s heavily digital landscape, QR codes let you take advantage of the limitless space and opportunity available online. The amount of information you can include on your product’s packaging is restricted – online, you can fill your customer in on every relevant detail. Businesses that are selling high-involvement products can particularly benefit from the information opportunity that these codes provide with landing pages that can act as digital salespeople. For companies prioritizing sales and conversions, QR codes can also connect users with instant discounts that encourage them to buy, establishing both a sale and a contact for future marketing efforts.

This isn’t just valuable for in-store marketing, either. QR codes can engage customers with the brand long-term, encouraging them to participate in social media events, download a branded app, share user-generated content, and much more.

How Do I Get QR Codes for My Product?

QR codes can be made with an online generator. You’ll need a web address that the code will direct to, such as a landing page, social media profile, or app download page. These codes can also often be customized to match your branding – no reason to be stuck with the classic black and white!

How Can I Make Sure Users Engage with My QR Code?

QR Codes for Product Packaging

Engaging customers with QR codes isn’t just about creating the scannable code. There are several other best practices to keep in mind.

First, remember to make sure your code is easy to see and has a clear call to action. Users are unlikely to want to scan something that takes them to a mystery page (unless, of course, that’s the whole premise!). Let them know what they’ll get out of scanning – and don’t forget to tell them how to scan, too.

Don’t forget to incorporate your QR code elsewhere in your marketing as well. The consistent presence of the code increases the number of people that will engage and helps position your brand as a forward-thinking innovator.

Printing Your QR Code

As with all product codes, companies may encounter mishaps with printing that render the codes unscannable. Whether too large, too small, or simply poor quality, a QR code that can’t be scanned is useless. With our expertise, we can help you ensure you choose the right printing equipment for your QR codes. If your product needs a complete redesign, we’ve got you covered there, too. We offer custom packaging systems for products from chicken wings to sunscreen – and we’re happy to integrate a QR code for you as well.

Interested in learning more about packaging your product? We’re here to help! Contact us or set up a free consultation here. Or, schedule your consultation today by calling (904) 263-2804.


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