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Where to Find Product and Logo Design Inspiration

Whether you’re doing it for the first time or have done it before, trying to come up with a new logo design for a product or business can feel like a losing battle. By adding these techniques for finding inspiration to your creative arsenal, you can always keep those new ideas flowing.

Logo Design Inspiration

Keep Yourself Open

When ideas are hard to come by, the creative flow can become blocked by frustration. If you’re always receptive to new logo design ideas, you can find inspiration anywhere. So, how can you be more open? Allow yourself to relax. Then, let your mind wander freely; you may be surprised at what bubbles up to the surface.

Brainstorm Together

It’s great when you can come up with your own new ideas, but imagine the creative power of several people working together. Brainstorming is still one of the most effective ways to produce solutions and new innovations. Get together online, in a conference call, or in real-time with your team and create like crazy.

Get Outside

All kinds of inspiration lie right outside your door. Get outside and take a walk or a drive away from the office and into nature. Stepping away will clear your creative palate so that new packaging design ideas can enter. Observe and really take in the beauty of your surroundings. Connect with those colors, shapes, and sounds that deeply resonate with you; that next idea can be as simple as what’s closest to your heart.

Find Your Zen

The noise and distractions of our day-to-day life can become too much to handle, which can be effective at stifling any creativity. It’s at those times that meditating can offer the most benefit. Whether it’s just conscious breathing, a few moments with your eyes closed, or an hour spent meditating or doing yoga, these peaceful moments can be just what you need to refocus and clean your slate for new ideas.

Make a List

Where it comes to generating new ideas, pen and paper are still useful and mighty tools. Lists can also help clear your mind of clutter. What kind of lists should you make? Even a grocery list can cause inspiration to strike! You can also start with a list of goals for your business. Include the most important things you want your customers to know about you and your company.

You can also make a list of brands whose logos or custom box designs caught your eye.

Get Professional Advice

You may have a great logo or product packaging design, but uncertainty about whether or not it’ll work can cause progress-stalling doubt to creep in. The solution? Contact someone with experience in these realms. After all, they do this every single day, and they can provide you with the professional advice required to get your new look on the shelves, pronto.

GCB Solutions has the experience, equipment, and materials you need for all of your custom logo and packaging system needs. Call to schedule your consultation: (904) 263-2804.

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