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Thermal Inkjet Printers

A quick overview:

Thermal Inkjet Printers do not require the use of inks or solvents. They are standard ink cartridge systems that are clean and simple to use. It’s actually a simple process; ink is stored in a cartridge that is regulated by pressure.

Benefits of Thermal Inkjet Technology:

  • Ultra clear graphics and text with the highest printing resolution

  • A reduction of costs by eliminating the need for labels and reducing Stock Keeping Units

  • Reduce ink wastage

  • Maximize uptime and reduce waste with error free coding

Switch to Thermal InkJet and eliminate:

  • Downtime

  • Service Contracts

  • Rental Agreements

  • MEK: Health & Waste Hazards

  • VOC’s

  • Spare Parts

  • Messy

  • Floor Space (footprint)

  • High TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


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