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The Purpose of Stretch Wrapping

4 Key Purposes that Stretch Wrapping Provides to Packaging Needs

If you’ve ever used a moving company to move into a new home, you’re likely familiar with the stretch wrapping technique. Stretch wrapping is one of the most popular unitizing and pallet wrapping methods on the market today. Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items and keeps products tightly bound. It can prevent products from being damaged in the shipment process due to improper handling, sudden movements, discourage load tampering, and reduce worker injury.

Smaller Package Consolidation

One of the main purposes of stretch wrap is to consolidate many smaller individual packages into one larger unit on pallets, like we do here at GCB Solutions. Stretch wrapping reshapes the load into one solid unit, which makes it easier to transport.

Quality and Appearance

Quality and appearance are also an important reason to use stretch wrap. Customers want their products shipped and delivered in good condition— which is why stretch wrap is used. It protects the product from damage, which contributes to lower administration costs and happier customers.

Cost Effective

Another key motivation to utilize stretch wrap, is its cost effectiveness. Stretch wrap is far less expensive than other types of materials used to wrap and unitize pallets such as strapping, corrugated or shrink wrapping. At the same time, stretch wrapping equipment can be significantly cheaper and uses far less energy than comparable machines for wrapping.



Stretch wrap film is recyclable! Stretch wrap is made with linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), which is designated as a category four in recycling programs. Retail plastic packaging is distributed around the world in very small quantities, which makes the task of collecting and recycling the plastic much more difficult. Stretch film, however; is much larger and can be reclaimed in warehouses. This makes the task of collecting stretch wrap much more feasible and practical.


Interested in how stretch wrapping can benefit your business? Want to learn more about how we can provide this service for you? GCB Solutions is here to help. Call us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.


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