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The Most Common Packaging Materials Used Today

Hundreds of packing materials are available on the market. Each one must accommodate your product in terms of dimensional qualities and how you want to present it to consumers. Whether you use plastic, paper, aluminum, cardboard/paperboard, or glass, every material has its advantages and is suited for specific types of goods.

Choosing the best packaging solution requires a multi-step planning process. There are no short cuts. Your team must work through various challenges, including what material best protects your product from damage while shipping. Will the package extend shelf life to ensure safety to consumers?

Product packaging is the first thing most people see and should provide a good overall impression of the item(s). The packaging type, color, and label also reflect your brand; you may want to consider custom printing on the outside of the package. Always remember that product packaging presents an image of your brand, and you want to work with a packaging expert with industry connections and experience in a wide range of markets. Read the following infographic for more information.

Eating and Drinking Products


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