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Poly Bags VS Roll Bags: Which Is Right for You?

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Storage Bags

When determining the type of storage bags for your product, it is important to understand your product characteristics, as well as what poly bags and roll bags are and how they are used. Polybags and roll bags are both flexible packaging options that have similar uses and visual characteristics, however; these bags have several differences. When it comes to packaging your product, it is important to understand these differences to know which flexible packaging option is best for your business. This week’s blog takes a closer look at the differences between polybags and roll bags and how to determine the best type for your product.

What are Poly Bags and Roll Bags?

Polybags are made from two common materials-polyethylene and polypropylene. These materials give the bag different properties of strength and uses. Polybags are commonly used for packaging goods and shipping products.

While polybags are made from two common materials, roll bags can be made from a variety of plastic types. Often, they are clear and customized printed bags, like the bags in grocery stores for bagging types of produce.

Product Transportation

One factor to consider when choosing between polybags and roll bags is your product’s transportation. If you’re looking for packaging that can be transported without damaging your product, poly bags are the better option. Poly bags are a stronger and more reliable option when choosing to ship a product.

Dimensions of Your Product

Another factor to take into consideration is the dimension of your product. Roll bags are mainly used for medical supplies, consumer goods, and other different products that are available up to 25 inches wide and 72 inches long. Polybags are available up to 98 inches wide and up to 288 inches long.

Usage frequency

The third factor that will determine the bag style that is right for your product, is the frequency of use of your product. If your product is something that gets opened more than once, you likely will want to utilize polybags. Polybags enable consumers to open products more than one time and safely seal them again after usage.


Cost is one factor that is similar in both polybags and roll bags. Using flexible packaging bags are a cost-efficient way to shipping and transporting products because they are lighter and take up less space. Both polybags and roll bags satisfy lower costs compared to the use of cardboard or paper bags, however; buying roll bags can sometimes be a more cost-efficient option. Roll bags can be cut to any size, which allows customization of your products packaging. This also allows a variety of products to utilize this type of packaging.

Product formula

The last factor to consider when trying to choose which bag is the best for your product is your product’s formula. One of the main differences between poly bags and roll bags is the plastic formulations. While poly bags are made from polyethylene plastic, roll bags can be made from various types of plastics. This is important to the consumer because certain products may not be able to be packaged in polyethylene. Do your products require a plastic formulation other than polyethylene? If the answer is yes, then roll bags are the way to go!


If you’re looking for more information on packaging options, we have you covered! With over 30 years of printing, packaging, and labeling experience, our team is prepared to support you and guarantee you choose the right solution for your company. To learn more, contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or sign up for a free consultation.


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