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Find GCB at the 2022 SEMA Convention

About SEMA

meat packaging, SEMA, packaging solutions

The Southeastern Meat Association, or SEMA, is an organization of individuals, firms, and corporations who pack, process, and distribute meat and poultry. SEMA members also provide services and supplies to the packers, processors, and distributors. Some of the goals of SEMA are to promote the rules of the meat industry, as well as protect members from unethical competition. SEMA also works with state universities to educate members about the meat and poultry industry.

There are two types of members in the Southeastern Meat Association. Regular members, who are meat and poultry packers, processors, and distributors, or associate members, who are firms or corporations that provide services and supplies to regular members. The association is managed by elected officers who meet several times a year to discuss industry issues and plan industry action.

The 2022 SEMA Convention

This year’s SEMA Annual Convention will begin on June 2nd and end on June 4th in Panama City Beach, Florida. The event will include member exhibits, roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, social hours, and even fun events for the spouses of members like a painting party with wine and snacks. Attendees will also have the chance to hear from State of the Boxed Meat Market speaker Gary Morrison as well as speeches about sustainability in the meat industry. After the convention, attendees can enjoy entertaining dinners featuring games and awards. Door prizes will also be presented throughout the day.

GCB at the SEMA Convention

meat packaging, SEMA, packaging solutions

GCB Solutions will be attending this year’s SEMA Convention, with a booth set up displaying product coding equipment. We will also share information on printed labels, automatic weigh price, and labelers.

GCB Solutions has over 30 years of industry experience and specializes in finding the solutions to your complex packaging issues. We offer custom packaging design and printing to the commercial, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. GCB can also help your brand with product coding in the produce, meat and poultry, and beverage and bottling industries.

Join our president and founder, George Bouton and our director of sales, Chris Bouton, at the 2022 SEMA Convention by registering here.


GCB Solutions has the packaging industry experience to help you through shifting trends. Whether you are beginning the design process or looking to make that final push to launch, we can help.

Call us at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation, today!

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