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Cosmetics and Sustainable Packaging

3 Ways Brands Are Delivering Sustainable Products

With a global movement to eliminate single-use plastic, consumers have become more curious and interested in the production process rather than the product itself. Purchasing products that are natural and healthier for both the Earth and the user, are now outweighing the extra costs. This is why cosmetic brands are making the switch to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A majority of Americans have started to prioritize a healthy lifestyle including supporting the use of sustainable and eco-friendly products. Many are willing to spend the extra money on these kinds of products and are concerned about the environmental impacts and their carbon footprint on the planet. This week’s blog takes a look at three ways cosmetic brands are delivering renewable and sustainable products.

Sustainable Cosmetics

Recyclable/Refillable Packaging

Cosmetic brands are changing their packaging materials to sustainable paper and cardboard. They’re even switching color patterns! Incorporating neutral colors, simple shapes and little imagery is another way that cosmetic companies have been transforming into the minimalistic packaging trend.

Minimalistic packaging decreases the amount of waste in our environment and our carbon footprint. Refillable fragrance packaging has been used to ensure liquid capacity, meaning the refill is more accurately filled, and the product is recyclable.

Improving Product Formulas

Some cosmetic brands are altering their products to become more eco-friendly and reduce water waste. For example, cosmetic lines have introduced a new conditioner called fast rinse technology, as a timely and more efficient way to wash your hair and save water.

Showerless Cleansing Mist is another attempt to conserve water use. The idea behind this invention is that the consumer can use this body refreshener as an alternative for “rinsing off” after the gym or yoga.

Altering Product Labels

Product Labels

The natural brands cosmetic rate is growing rapidly representing $5.4 billion in 2016 personal-care market sales. It is expected to grow more in the next several years, which is why the beauty industry is making more effort to use naturally sourced ingredients. This desired change to use sustainable products stems from the urge to prioritize skin care routines and take on a healthier lifestyle.

Many brands have modified their packaging labels from saying 'green', 'natural', and 'organic' to emphasize sustainability and the bigger impact their product can make on the environment. The words 'green', and 'organic', can sometimes be misinterpreted by the consumer. Those particular words are generally used to describe food products and ensure product safety. Instead beauty brands are altering their word choices to 'clean beauty', and 'eco-friendly' to establish their products and their environmental efforts.


If you’re looking to make the switch to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging or interested in learning more about the process, we've got you covered! With over 30 years of printing, packaging, and labeling experience, our team can assist your needs to guarantee success for your company and our planet. To learn more, contact us today (904) 263-2804 or sign up for a free consultation.


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