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Client Feature: The Honey Truck Co.

Meet The Honey Truck Co., a Saint Augustine-Based Business That Sells Local, Artisinal Honey

Custom Packaging The Honey Truck Co.

At GCB Solutions, we're lucky to work with passionate local businesses every day. One such business? The Honey Truck Co., a Saint Augustine-based brand that came to us to find the perfect custom packaging solution. Partnering with the design team at We Are Charette, we helped business owner Danielle upgrade her packaging and develop a sleek, professional look for her brand. This week, we sat down with Danielle to chat about her experience and what she loves most about her new packaging.

Hi Danielle! Tell us a little about your company.

The Honey Truck Co. is a St. Augustine-based company that provides raw, artisan, local honey. You can follow along in our beekeeping adventures on our website or social media @honeytruckco.

What were your packaging needs?

We originally used mason jars with red lids. However, the jars were tapered and we had to use hang tags since a label wouldn't lay correctly. As our company grew, we knew sticker labels were the way to go since it would save us so much time. We redesigned our packaging to a set of bottles that are both visually appealing and cohesive as a collection, while also maintaining our iconic red lids. We settled on a variety of french square jar sizes and an 8 oz tall tower that allowed us to seamlessly add a sticker label as well as a safety seal. GCB solutions offered us all the different size labels and safety seals we needed.

Custom Packaging St Augustine Florida

How was your experience with GCB Solutions?

I initially met George thru my designer Emily. The fact that a small business owner like myself got to speak directly with the owner of a company meant a lot to me in terms of customer service. I had a first-class experience working with him in creating a new professional look for my brand that allows me to compete with other larger honey producers in Northeast FL.

What do you like most about your new packaging?

I love that our new labels are clear, sleek, and vibrant. We wanted to showcase the different shades of gold that honey comes in so we didn't want to block light from entering the jar. The clear labels are perfect for that. We utilize icons to signify where the honey was harvested and we needed those to pop off the jars. I also love that we have a vibrant red safety seal that matches perfectly with our custom red lids. It creates a seamless brand experience for our customers.

Anything you'd like to add?

I genuinely enjoy working with everyone at GCB Solutions they are always so friendly and I feel valued as a client.


Are you ready to find your perfect custom packaging solution? Contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation to get started.


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