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Client Feature: FreshJax

Get to Know Jacksonville-Based Organic Spice Company FreshJax, How It's Fighting Childhood Hunger, & Why the Brand Chose GCB Solutions for Packaging

FreshJax Packaging Jacksonville Florida

At GCB Solutions, we work with brands representing a vast range of industries, each with different needs and goals. Within the food industry is FreshJax, a Jacksonville-based company that sells unique organic spice blends like Citrus Pepper and Maple Bourbon BBQ Spice. Founded in 2011, FreshJax is built on values of sustainability and community. The brand came to us to guarantee its packaging for new products was high quality and sent the right message to the customer. This included using recyclable materials for packaging and shipping while establishing a fresh, consistent brand style. Read on to get to know more about FreshJax and its packaging experience.

Hi! Tell us a little about your company.

FreshJax is an organic spice company with a mission to end childhood hunger. Our goal is to make each customer feel special when they receive their FreshJax spices. That means quality packaging that makes each customer feel good.

What were your packaging needs?

We purchase all products to finish...labels, bottles, lids, liners, shrink bands, boxes, tape, etc. Everything from the top to the bottom of the packaging. We are always looking to update existing products based on the customer needs. We look to GCB Solutions for rolling out new products. It is super important to us that we have an amazing unboxing experience for each customer.

FreshJax Packaging Jacksonville Florida

How was your experience with GCB Solutions?

GCB Solutions are always trying to help us get exactly what we need. They work with us every step of the way. They understand our mission and know that each packaging need is important because it helps us donate more meals to kids in need.

What do you like most about your new packaging?

We love the quality of the packaging supplies that GCB offers us. Anything that helps make each customer's unboxing experience fun and easy is a win for us! We hope to work with GCB Solutions in the future when it comes time to look at new packaging needs.


Are you ready to refresh your own brand's packaging? Whether you're looking for materials, technology, or an entirely new design, we can help. Contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.


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