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Best Beer Label Design Trends

Discover the Best Beer Label Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

It’s no secret that beer, especially craft beer, has grown in popularity over the last decade. In fact, the ever-growing beer industry here in the United States is now second to China in terms of production, accounting for 13% of the world's beer supply. With all that beer in circulation, how are companies supposed to distinguish themselves from one another? Label design.

The Art of Minimalism

Beer labels have gone through many different phases since their inception in 1933, a lot of which included more intricate designs and imagery. However, in recent years, minimalism has started to trend and beer labels are no exception. Companies realized that when you combine a very clean use of typography, with an intentional, simple color pallet and throw it on a bright white background, you get a magnet for people’s eyes.

Nostalgia Equals Sales

While many other, newer beer companies started searching for the right combination of eye-catching colors, older brands like PBR, High Life, and Narragansett started reproducing their original labels. Not only does this save money on updated brand designs, but this trend increases sales by sparking joy and nostalgia in people that they can’t pass up.

Beer, but Make It Wine-Like

The elegance that comes with creating a wine label had all but been overlooked for beer until recently. Companies have realized that opting to serve their libations in finer glass bottles, accompanied by sophisticated, simple labels was an instant way to up the value of their product. In fact, many companies have started to print tasting notes, to pair with the new upscale vibe.

When it comes to designing beer labels, companies can get as creative as they want. But like with anything else in life, people tend to gravitate towards the latest trends, especially if it means snapping a photo for social media.


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