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Cheers! How to Choose the Perfect Labeling for Your Cans

Why Shrink Labels or Wrap Labels Could Be Right for Your Business

can labeling shrink labels

With the growing popularity of cans for beer, cider, and even wine, small companies are seeking out innovative labeling solutions. While printed cans typically necessitate a minimum order, a number that can be challenging to meet for boutique brands, shrink wraps or adhesive labels can be a much more affordable option. Easier to produce – without sacrificing any style – these labels make stand-out packaging accessible for any business. To learn more about can labeling options, read on.

Why Choose Cans?

The use of cans, particularly for alcoholic beverages, may be a newer trend, but it's one that’s backed in science. As compared to bottle alternatives, aluminum cans can keep their contents fresh for longer. The opaque exterior keeps light from seeping in and prevents any oxygen reactions. Cans also just make sense when it comes to logistics: not only does a can weigh less than a glass bottle, but it’s more stackable too, making shipping easier.

Why Choose Labels?

Unlike printed cans, labels can be produced without a minimum purchase. Not only does this make them more accessible for small businesses, but they can also be produced for small batches, seasonal products, or brands with larger product lines. Of course, custom labels are also key to helping your product stand out on shelves and to building long-lasting relationships with customers. Labeling equipment can also be quite cost-effective – most equipment can print on a variety of can sizes according to your business’s needs, and the efficiency of in-house labeling can simplify the supply chain.

Wrap Labels vs. Shrink Labels

When it comes to can labels, there are two main options: wrap labels and shrink labels. Both options present unique benefits, and either may work for your brand.

Wrap labels are applied to cans with an adhesive, which earns them the alternative moniker “sticker labels.” These labels are also the more “traditional” of the two. A primary benefit of wrap labeling is the vast range of possibilities when it comes to glosses, foils, and finishes. Likewise, the substrate chosen can vary as well, giving the brand complete creative control over both the look and tactile feel of their can’s packaging.

Shrink labels, or shrink sleeves, are activated by heat. This literally shrinks them down to be the exact size of the can they’re wrapping, creating a seamless look and total coverage. With a perfect fit and low-profile edge, these labels are a great substitute for brands that want the look of a printed can but the flexibility (and affordability) of a label. Offering high-quality graphics, these labels ensure that the original design is printed exactly as expected on the can and, like wrap labels, can be dressed up with foils or varnishes. Plus, shrink labels are particularly durable and unlikely to be torn from the product or damaged during transport.


Ready to learn more about how this packaging solution can work for your business? Contact us today at (904) 263-2804 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.


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