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Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Packaging for Products

From shipping to display, the right custom packaging can make all the difference. It’s important for your product to look presentable without damage, so all packaging must be appropriate to the type of product. When you’re asking, “What is the best packaging for my product?” it’s important to consider:

Snow Crablegs, Food Product

  • What the product is, plus its size and materials

  • Who your target audience is (i.e., men, women, adults, or children)

  • Where it’s being sold, such as in a store or online


The product itself can be the determining factor in the type of packaging chosen. Colors, fonts, and logos are important if you want the package to represent your brand. Written content, images, and marks required by regulations must be considered. Required marks can include barcodes, associations, or nutrition information (especially with food packaging). You might choose eco-friendly food containers to reflect how environmentally conscious your company, and customers, are.

Which Packaging Will Travel Well?

Packaging must be durable to protect your product during transport. The most original, engaging designs won’t do much good if the product or its package loses its shape or is otherwise damaged. Packaging materials are just as important to consider. Depending on the product, a certain weight or thickness will be required.

Common options include coated paperboard, which is lightweight and great for printing on. Used for folding cartons, trays, and sleeves, it is most suited for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. Corrugated board is more sturdy but provides a fair amount of flexibility. It can protect fragile items and is good for heavier products too.

Components of Custom Product Packaging

The layering of your package is important. The outer packaging is what the customer sees first. It provides the first line of protection while the inner packaging keeps the product in place, whether it is tissue paper, packing peanuts, or a sealed bag. Product packaging is what the item is placed in, which can be anything from a box to a bottle, to a candy wrapper. More detailed specifics include the shape of the product and the type of packages your competition is using.


Remember that people will be interacting with your product packaging, so any customized packaging must be ergonomic. This means it must be the appropriate size and shape. If a package is extremely large or is difficult to open, it can leave a negative impression on the consumer. It’s important to evaluate your designs, which can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Finding the Right Custom Packaging Companies

3D Custom Packaging Equipment

Designing packaging on your own requires computer design expertise, which requires translating designs into 3D and getting feedback on whether it works or not. Why not order from an experienced business? GCB Solutions, Inc. offers custom packaging services that include carton erecting and filling, taping, gluing, coding, and labeling. We also employ state-of-the-art printing systems. To discuss your packaging requirements and get a project quote, send your information online or call us at 904-263-2804.


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