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Product Coding Printing

Product coding printing requires specialized equipment and materials. GCB Solutions can provide the best product coding and marking systems available, including high-speed inkjet printers. We can help meet any vision, so your company complies with all universal product code (UPC) requirements. Our team is familiar with the needs of many industries and the latest UPC barcode standards. Check out our blog for articles about important regulations in product coding.

The Uniform Code Council

The Uniform Code Council, now known as GS1, has set standards for everything from the digits of the UPC (with data such as the GS1 company prefix and item number) to overall dimensions, to the placement of bars and spaces. We supply the equipment that enables your business to meet these standards. Our team will even train your staff to use the inkjet printers, thermal printing systems, and other product coding equipment we install.

Industries We Work With

We’re familiar with the unique production requirements of many different sectors. Therefore, our staff can tailor custom solutions for produce, meat and poultry, and beverage and bottling companies. Whether your business specializes in medical products or pharmaceuticals, construction materials, or logistics in automotive, aerospace, or contract packaging applications, GCB Solutions can work with you.

Client Projects

We help find the most cost-effective, reliable solutions for coding on plastic, paper, or any type of packaging. Our equipment can allow you to print directly onto cartons, cans, and bottles using the appropriate identification system. It can be customized to print on virtually any type of consumer product or package.

Contact GCB Solutions, Inc.

To learn more about how we can help your company with product coding printing, submit your inquiry online or call us at 904-263-2804.

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