• George Bouton

PACK EXPO Las Vegas Offers Free Education on the Show Floor

Updated: Jul 10

Educational venues on the show floor make it convenient to take time out and learn something new. GCB Solutions Inc provides product coding, labeling equipment, and supplies to businesses in Jacksonville, the Florida Panhandle, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa and southern Georgia and we intend on using our newly acquired information to better educate our clients.

There's alot to learn from 250 vendors! We are a customer focused company in the fields of packaging, logistics, promotions, and print and look to improve the quality of our services. Join our email club (below) and we'll let you know how our visit was.  


96186 Dowling Drive

Yulee, FL 32097



Florida Panhandle 


Daytona Beach 


Savannah, Georgia

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