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Pharmaceutical Printing

GCB Solutions, Inc. provides practical and economical printing and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We can support the needs of any medicine packaging company. Our business is equipped to provide product coding printing, labeling, and custom packaging needed to reflect your brand and desired consumer experience.

Your Industry Experts

We can provide your business with high-quality unit dose medication packaging and labeling equipment. In addition to dose packaging, we can help support your needs for packaging medical devices and personal care products. If your application requires a folding carton machine, blister packs, or cold chain storage, our team will work to provide custom solutions that accommodate your business’s primary and secondary packaging requirements.

selective photo of C1000 bottle on talbe

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Printing Equipment

We can provide thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, and other coding and labeling systems. Our team can work with your business to determine the needs of your production line, from carton sealing tape and adhesives to pharma packaging capabilities such as carton erecting, filling, and taping or gluing. Extensive packaging and labeling experience enables us to provide custom solutions for different environments that represent the highest standards of safety, including child-resistant packaging.

Industry Benefits

In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging is vital to brand identity and consumer experience. It instills trust in your brand, prevents counterfeiting, and helps with consumption. For example, the size, shape, and material of the package, plus its closure type, impact the user’s interaction with the product. Packaging also protects the drug from light, moisture, and impact damage while product codes and information can be correctly displayed in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

Contact Us for the Leading Pharmaceutical Printing & Packaging Systems

We are experts in pharmaceutical packaging and work with all types of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to custom-selected printers, containers, labels, and other elements, we can support your pharma packaging operation with installation, training, and repair services. To learn more, call 904-263-2804 today!

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