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Durable yet light, corrugated cardboard boxes are indispensable in the contract packaging and logistics sectors, and they play a pivotal role in storing, shipping, and transporting goods across all manufacturing pipelines. It's essential for these boxes to have a resilient and clear code for product tracking and identification.


Opting to code at an advanced phase in the production cycle offers greater adaptability compared to using boxes that are pre-printed. This allows for immediate alterations without squandering valuable stock and storage area. Moreover, it enables the printing of up-to-the-minute date and time stamps.

Direct on-line printing elevates both uptime and accuracy, leading to substantial cost savings and minimizing errors in deliveries. GCB Solutions' proudly introduces:

  • Thermal Inkjet: Perfect for prints up to 12.7mm

  • Large Area Print Tech: Tailored for more extensive prints up to 108mm

Benefit from 1D & 2D barcodes including the widely-used GS1-128, EAN, and UPS for shipping.

Embrace a cost-effective approach with our low maintenance technology, and enjoy the security of codes that stay intact, thanks to the elimination of peeling labels.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 133852.png

Direct On-Line Printing: Enhance Precision & Efficiency

Choose GCB Solutions' RF Case feeding system for off-line printing or labeling of flat outer cases. It's a prime solution for businesses seeking to imprint variable data across different short product batches. Our twin-conveyor setup ensures smooth separation and individualized printing for each box.

Premium Conveyor Systems

GCB Solutions' bespoke conveyor systems are crafted for tasks like printing on corrugated cardboard. Engineered with precision, they're the go-to for secondary coding endeavors.


Off-Line Printing: Flexibility Meets Precision

front porch box.png
Front Porch Pickings Produce Box

Recycled / recyclable vented produce box. Custom

all-over 1-color printing. 


200 lb. test, 1 color

RSC shipping carton

Screenshot 2023-08-31 140027.png



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